Project Management

Our team will deliver to you an easy to read quotation with clearly displayed estimates for all aspects of your project and based on your needs and your requirements.  Whether you provide your own plans or if you would like our team to provide them for you, we are able to assist you.  Our quotations can include all trades, design work and council certifications required for your project.  We have developed relationships with a wide range of trades in Cairns and all are trusted contractors that work to a high quality of work and that we know we can rely on.


With over 20 years of experience in project management, our team excels with onsite management to ensure customer down time is at a minimum.  Our focus is on the customers needs and requirements and we will work with you closely during the entire process from specification determination through to hand over of the project.  We pride ourselves on ensuring we meet all of your requests to the best of our ability.  You can expect honesty, integrity and professionalism from our team at all times.

“I wish to thank you for the outstanding level of service you have provided to us during our recent major renovations.  Your team has been professional, polite and responsive.  The work quality has been outstanding all whilst remaining 100% on schedule.”

Corporate Services Manager, FNQ Medicare Local – Cairns


Palm Tree Removal Project – Cairns Central Shopping CentreOne of the most recent projects completed, was the removal of 14 artificial palm trees from the Cairns Central Shopping Centre.


The trees ranged in height from 6m to 10m tall and were made from fibreglass with an average weight of 200kg.  Around the base of each palm were planter boxes filled with tree mulch and natural plants.  The centre decided to remove the trees to change the look and feel of the centre.


The requirements of this project were that the trees could only be removed between 6pm to 5:30am, the trees were to be removed from the centre and disposed of accordingly, the planter boxes remaining to be planted out with natural lipstick palms and refreshed.


The actual ‘lopping’ and lowering of the trees posed a considerable challenge given the height and weight of the trees and their location directly down the middle of the stores.  After much planning and consideration, a jig was designed and engineer certified to attach to an excavator.  The excavator was to drive into the centre on large carpet runs to protect the terrazzo flooring.  The jig was to be attached to a tree, the base of the tree cleared, and the tree base cut to free it.  Once the excavator and jig had the weight of the tree, the tree was slowly laid over from vertical to horizontal and lowered to the floor onto trolleys and removed from the centre.


The thorough planning and extensive preparation meant that this project went smoothly with no damage to the centre and on time.  Please take the time to view the photo gallery and short video taken from this project.